Method of obtainingEdit

Leave the Paradise Survival Camp from the east gate and head south, after a short distance there should be a gas station on the right. At the gas station with the sign "Gas & Oil", there is a thug located outside. Upon first discovering this location kill all the zombies, jump over the jeep, and talk to Brian. Collect the reward for saving him, then open the door to the left straight in front of you next to the blue barrel on the ground.Edit

IMG 4726

The barrel

IMG 4727

Mod location on map relative to the Paradise Camp

Base Weapon Parts needed Cost
  • Duct Tape x 3
  • Metal Scrap x 3
  • Large battery x 2
  • Phone x 2
  • Electronic Scrap x2
  • Nails x 2
  • Clamp x 2